Symptoms Of Repetitive Stress Disorder On The Hands

Any numbers of people today suffer from various ailments. One of the most common disorders is repetitive stress disorder with the hands feeling the strain. Here are a few symptoms that manifest on the hands because of overuse.

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1. The hands as we all know are made up of nerves, tendons and a series of bones interlinked with each other. When any part of the framework gets disengaged, there is a chance that the hands will suffer from overuse and misuse. Using the hands is the natural order for anyone right from waking up in the morning, brushing the teeth, making a cuppa, answering the phone or anything in general.

2. The constant use of the telephone can cause the tendons on the hands to break out with a series of upsets. Take the thumb for instance that is constantly being used or certain fingers on the hands, by texting or swiping, ends up straining the muscles and the tendons. Tendonitis is one of the symptoms that can arise because of this.

3. Use of technology has made life a whole lot easier. Unfortunately with the advent of additional maneuvers in the overall scheme of science and tech, the human faces serious complications never evinced in the past. The use of the mouse or the trackball on the laptop gets you to the right spot, that is a given, but overuse signals a problem with certain parts of the hands resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome.

4. Playing a musical instrument is a wonderful way to release the mind from any stress. Unfortunately, over time, it causes serious ripples to the muscles and can even fracture the nerves causing immense pain to the region and other parts of the body. The repetitive movements inflame certain facets on the hand resulting in swelling, redness, numbness and a general weakness in the region.

5. Hand therapy treatment helps to iron out the chinks that arise because of RSI (repetitive stress injury). When you cannot function as a whole and need medical help, if there is mild discomfort, the best solution is to seek a therapist to help deal with the problem. Most people may opt for surgery to get the problem sorted out, but when there is an alternative non-invasive method, that is a good approach. However, if the problem persists it may be necessary to sort out the issue with an orthopedic specialist.

When you notice symptoms that cause serious problems and prevent you from functioning normally, the best advice is to find a workable solution.