The Importance of Having our Hearing Tested and How and When Should We Do It

Have you ever had difficulties hearing your teacher’s lectures in class? Have you been asking your friend to repeat several times what he just said? Then, you probably have a problem. You can’t clearly hear anymore and you already have to have your hearing get tested. It is important to immediately take action because hearing is very important to a person’s daily life. We use our sense of hearing most of the time and it contributes a lot to many activities we are doing. That is why when we feel or sense that there is already something wrong, we should already consult a doctor.

Shari Eberts will share with us the five reasons why we should get our hearing tested.

Five Reasons to Get Your Hearing Tested

Do you hear that people are talking to you but have trouble understanding what they are saying? Is it hard for you to hear in restaurants and other places with lots of background noise? Does your family complain that the TV is always too loud? Do you need to see people in order to talk with them? Are you exhausted after sustained periods of communication?

If any of these situations sound familiar, you may have a hearing loss. You would not be alone. Approximately 50 million Americans already have some form of hearing impairment. This includes one in 5 teenagers and 60% of our returning military personnel from overseas. Read more here J

 We are already aware of some reasons why we have to get our hearing tested. We all know that in order to have this test, we have to consult an expert or a doctor. However, not all of us have the time to do so. Because of this, experts have come up with a tool that tests and measures our hearing ability.

Beth Skwarecki , in her article, will show us how to use this tool.

Try This Test for Hidden Hearing Loss

Do you have trouble hearing people in noisy places? If you do, a regular hearing test won’t necessarily detect a problem with your ears. But there is a new type of ear audio test, which you can try right here, should give a different result. Read more here J

That was interesting! However, in order to get the most accurate results, we should still have to consult a doctor for this health matters. Our ability to hear, once damaged, will greatly affect and deteriorate our lives. That is why, as much as possible, we should prioritize having our senses tested and fixed. Every single day is a great time for a hearing test. However, Connect Hearing Australia, says that New Year is a great time for a hearing test. Let us find out why by reading their article below.

5 Reasons Why the New Year Is a Great Time for a Hearing Test

At this time of year we reflect on the last twelve months and prepare for the twelve ahead of us.

While everybody is busily coming up with New Year’s resolutions (many of which often end up falling by the wayside like so many good intentions as the months roll on) this fresh New Year actually presents a great opportunity for a brand new start. And one of the best new beginnings you can give yourself is to resolve to make your hearing health a priority.

With this in mind, here are some of the top reasons why you should focus on your hearing as we move into 2017, and why you should book in to see an audiologist as soon as possible. Read more here J


            That’s right! It is really nice to start the year right by having our hearing tested. There would be less hassle for the rest of the year and we would even get to enjoy every single activity to come. Our sense of hearing does a really great work for our body that is why we should take utmost care of it. However, in some cases where it gets damaged, we should immediately consult a doctor so that we would be able to know what caused the damage and how we could prevent it from getting much worse. It’s all about how we take care of our body and how we are willing to maintain its health condition.